Terms & Conditions of Trade


We want you to have a relaxed and enjoyable cycling adventure, however there is a serious side that needs to be addressed.

Our Terms and Conditions of Trade protect you and us, and makes sure everybody is on the same understanding.

Please ensure you read all of  Natural High’s Terms and Conditions of HIRE here before you tick the box without thinking, and without knowing what you are getting yourself in for.  Please contact us if you are unsure or require clarification.

We strongly recommend you also make your own full personal travel insurance arrangements including cover for accident, illness and travel cancellation.

Please note that there are different Terms and Conditions for tours and campervan hires, these can be read at the links below:

Review TOURS Terms and Conditions.

Review CAMPERVAN HIRE Terms and Conditions

 Natural High’s Terms and Conditions of HIRE


Bike theft and damage is a very real possibility during your bike hire.  If you want to reduce the risk of having to pay for accidental damage to the bike or paying for its replacement if it gets stolen, then take out Natural High Optional Bike Insurance.

Hire Length Category One Bike  Hire Length *Category Two Bike  Hire Length **Category Three Bike Hire Length ***Category Four Bike
1-3 days $10 per day 1-3 days $10 per day  1-7 days  $20 per day  1-7 days  $25 per day
4-7 days $35 total 4-7 days $35 total  >8 days  $150 total  >8 days  $200 total
8-14 days $45 total 8-14 days $45 total
15-21 days $55 total 15-21 days $55 total
>22 days $60 total 22-28 days $65 total
>29 days $75 total

Category One Bikes – Specialized Pitch 650b, Schwinn Sierra, Kids Bike, Bob Trailer

*Category Two BikesAvanti Giro F2, Avanti Discovery 3, Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29, Avanti AR1/2, Surly Long Haul/Disc Trucker, Surly Ogre/Troll, Avanti Tracker (Fat Bike), Specialized Pitch Sport 650b

**Category Three Bikes – Specialized Rockhopper Expert, Specialized Roubaix, Avanti Giro ARC1, Specialized Tarmac

***Category Four Bikes – Specialized Camber 650b, Specialized Camper Comp 29, Avanti Torrent 650b, Specialized Stump Jumper, E bike

If the bike you are hiring is not listed above please contact us for pricing details.

You can read the Optional Bike Insurance policy here:

Natural High Optional Bike Insurance

 If in doubt, please contact us for clarification.