Fun (And Free) Riding For All The Family

funday runway mtb parkBack in 2012, Teau Aiturau was facing the biggest battle of his life.

Weighing in at 252kg, the 39-year old caregiver couldn’t walk, couldn’t breathe and suffered from sleep apnoea.

Realising that he needed to make a drastic change to his life, Teau started moving. He began helping out a local community garden, swimming at his local pool and biking with friends and family.

But his work didn’t stop there. Wanting to inspire others to lead a more active lifestyle, Teau established a charitable trust at his local Community House in Mangere (Auckland). Triple Ts – Time to Thrive, To Stay Alive has a simple vision: to build a healthier community for all to thrive. Each week, Teau runs an assortment of free tae bo, swimming classes and bike rides.

Today, Teau is 84kg lighter and the Triple Ts are going strong – the group has just been awarded $3000 in the annual Auckland Airport Gold Medal Awards, money that will partly go towards buying bikes.

To get even more people involved in his initiative, Teau is holding a fun day at the Runway Mountain Bike Park at Auckland Airport on Saturday 22 November – and we’re stoked to be taking part, too. The event is completely free to attend and if you don’t have your own gear, they’ll be bikes and helmets available (also free of charge).

So, if you’re in the area, come along and give the park a go – it’s a great way to introduce the whole family to a new sport!

Runway Funday takes place on Saturday 22 November, 10am-2pm at the Runway Mountain Bike Park at Auckland Airport. The park is located at the end of Ansett Place behind the Airport Shopping Centre (just around the corner from our Auckland branch). There’s heaps of free parking and bikes and helmets will be provided free of charge.