Five Reasons to Cycle Tour New Zealand This Summer

Five Reasons to Cycle Tour New Zealand This SummerStunning scenery, lifelong memories, improved health and wellbeing. There’s plenty of reasons to cycle tour New Zealand this summer. Here’s our top five….

Make your friends green with envy
Laid back cruising along quiet country backroads. Bubbling hotpools and starry night skies. Jaw-dropping, picture-postcard scenery. There’s no two ways about it – cycle touring in New Zealand is going to give you way better holiday stories than your mates.

Learn to slow down
Most of us live life at a million miles an hour, which isn’t always healthy. Biking forces you to slow down, to be more mindful, to notice things you simply wouldn’t spot on other forms of transport – all of which can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing.

Immerse yourself in everything New Zealand has to offer
New Zealand is a country that demands to be experienced. Yes, you can admire the beauty of a high alpine peak from the window of a tour bus or a hire car, but pedalling up it will leave you with a far deeper sense of appreciation and wonder – not to mention a huge sense of achievement. Biking immerses you in everything – the views, the sounds, the smells, the people – and as a result you’ll come away with a greater understanding of this incredible country.

Skip the hassle
Guided cycle tours are designed to make the cycle touring experience easy. Your route and itinerary will be provided by your tour guide, who’ll be cycling alongside you at all times. A support vehicle will always be close by to give you a rest from the saddle or shuttle you up the steep bits, and your luggage will be delivered to your hotel room. You pick the destination and dates, we’ll take care of the rest.

Feel like a kid again
Riding a bike is fun. Whether you’re whizzing down a mountain or cruising the flats there’s something infinitely freeing about pedal power. Time to jump in the saddle and reconnect with your inner child.

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