Extend the Life Expectancy of Your Bike with this Quick and Easy Bike Service

Extend the Life Expectancy of Your Bike with this Quick and Easy Bike ServiceTwo weeks ago we offered up a quick list of checks to carry out before you head out for a ride. But is there more you can be doing to keep yourself safe and your bike in tiptop condition?

Here’s a more in-depth bike service that we recommend carrying out about once a month. Bear in mind that if you’re regularly clocking up big kilometres or you ride off-road, your bike may need more frequent attention.

  • Nuts and bolts. Check the tightness of all connecting parts such as the cranks, pedals, handlebars and stem.
  • Drivetrain. Wipe the chain and cassette with degreaser, then rinse, dry and re-lube.
  • Frame. Clean the frame and check for any cracks or dents.
  • Cables. Inspect for any fraying or rust and apply lube to keep them running smooth.
  • Crank arms. Grab each crank arm and try to shake away from the bike. If you notice any movement, your bearings may need to be adjusted or the crank bolts might need tightening.
  • Headset. With your bike on the floor in the riding position, squeeze the front brake with one hand and place your other on the top headset cup just below the handlebar stem. Move the bike back and forth. Any movement in the headset cup indicates that it needs tightening.

While regular checks will keep you safer and help extend the life expectancy of your bike, don’t overlook regular maintenance by a qualified mechanic. If you ride frequently, we recommend bringing your bike in for twice-yearly tune-ups to ensure that complex components such as spokes, bearing surfaces, derailleurs and cables are in top-notch condition.

We’ve got qualified mechanics at both our branches who can handle these checks for you. Give us a call on 03 982 2966 (Christchurch) or 09 257 4673 (Auckland) to organise a time.

Have a great week,
Steve Inns