Your Questions About Guided Cycle Touring Answered

Your Questions About Guided Cycle Touring AnsweredSummer has well and truly arrived in New Zealand and we’re already enjoying long, sunny days and balmy temperatures – perfect conditions for cycle touring. If you’re wondering whether to clip-in and join us this season, we’ve got answers!

How fit do I need to be?
You don’t have to be an avid, hard-core biker to join one of our guided tours. Each trip we offer is rated for overall difficulty, based on the daily distances and the terrain covered. Here’s an overview of the three levels:

1 – Easy. These tours are suitable for people who just want to ride, relax and enjoy the scenery. They cover lower distances per day – around 40 to 50 km – over relatively flat terrain. If you’ve never embarked on a cycle tour before, this grade provides a perfect starting point.
2 – Moderate. Moderate tours cover longer daily distances – around 50 to 80 km – with more hills. To undertake a moderate tour, you’ll ride once or twice a week at home and be comfortable tackling the occasional hill climb.
3 – Challenging. These tours can cover over 100 km a day, across rolling (and sometimes steep) terrain with repeated climbs. If you ride two to three times a week and enjoy pushing your limits, these tours are for you.

What happens if I need to take a break from the bike during the day?
A support vehicle will always be on hand to give you a rest from the saddle, or shuttle you up the steep bits.

Will I have to ride with my luggage?
No, we’ll ensure your bags are safely delivered to your hotel room. We also organise all food stops and refreshments along the way.

What will the weather be like?
All our guided tours run through the summer and autumn months, which offer the most settled weather. Rain is still a possibility, (so bring warm and waterproof clothing), but generally you’ll enjoy clear, sunny days and warm to hot temperatures.

What types of accommodation will I stay in?
Every night you’ll kick back and relax at carefully-selected, comfortable hotels. Where possible, we pick properties that provide a deeper insight into a region, or a more memorable experience, like a farmstay or historic settlement.

Is food included?
Most of your meals are included in the price of your tour. These vary between shared, family-style dinners at the end of the day, big lunches at scenic spots along the route, and opportunities to dine independently and discover local cafes and restaurants. Check the individual tour for exact meal details.

If you’re feeling newly-inspired to discover New Zealand by bike, you’ll find a full list of upcoming tours here. Whether you want to experience pristine alpine landscapes, brilliant blue lakes or rugged coastlines, we’re sure to have an adventure to suit.

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