Meet Natural High’s New Bike Mechanic

natural high bike mechanic leonNatural High’s newest team member is mechanic Leon Desgagnes, who hails from Montreal in Quebec. Read on to learn about his biking background.

Tell us how you got into biking?
I’ve been racing on the road and taking part in cyclocross since I was 12 years old. It all started when I stopped playing football and was looking for a new sport. I decided to try cycling because I’d seen my dad doing it my whole childhood, and I had a friend who was into it. At the age of 15, my dad enrolled me in a bike mechanic school and this is how I learned the basics. Following that, I worked in a bike shop where I was able to improve my abilities. I also helped out at events such as stage races, one-day races and charity rides. Last year, I decided to stop racing to concentrate on my studies, and I started mountain biking with my co-workers just for fun.

What’s your favourite ride (either in New Zealand or overseas) and why?
The ascent of Mount Mitchell in North Carolina, USA. It is a 45 km climb, really challenging with a lot of scenery and scenic views. Bonus: it’s the highest peak in the east of North America.

What’s your favourite spot for after-biking drinks?
Anywhere, as long as there is good beer, and the whole crew is there.

What do you like to do when you’re not riding?
Hang out with my friends, watch sports (football, hockey, American football, basketball or baseball), or listen to music

What made you want to work for Natural High?
The fact that Natural High offers a convenient opportunity for people who want to discover New Zealand on a bike. Indeed, cycling is my favourite way to discover a new place and I think everybody should have the chance to try it.

Do you have any “must-do” rides or destinations?
I’ve ridden in France, Spain and Italy and I have to say these countries offer a really nice playground, and have a magnificent cycling culture!

What’s your top tip for keeping your bike in perfect riding condition?
Always keep the components clean and check it periodically to take care of any small problems before they get worse.

Leon is planning to travel across New Zealand during his time in the country. If you have any must-do spots, let him know via our Facebook page.

Have a great week,

P.S. For more advice on keeping your bike in great working condition, check out this blog post: Extend the Life Expectancy of Your Bike with this Quick and Easy Bike Service. And, if you’d like Leon or one of our other mechanics to cast an expert eye over your bike, book in for a service. Give us a call on 03 982 2966 (Christchurch) or 09 257 4673 (Auckland) to organise a time.